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As part of its relentless endeavors to enhance the airport sector in the Sultanate in light of its expansion and the significance of airports in the logistics support of state economies, Oman Airports organized a workshop under the theme "Runway Traffic Safety Team" on 29 October-1 November 2018. The attendance of the workshop included 40 specialists representing the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA), and the Directorate General of Meteorology. Participants from a number of international airports, Oman Airport, Royal Private Airport, Omani Royal Air Force, Directorate General of Police Aviation, Oman Air, and Oman Aviation Services also attended the workshop.

Zakaria bin Yaqoub Al-Harrasi, Airside Services Manager at Oman Airports Company, stated, "The workshop held at Sundus Rotana Hotel, aimed to enhance traffic security and safety on the runway, which is of great importance to all flights in terms of takeoff or landing. It also envisaged helping stakeholders to keep pace with the developments in the world airports sector in this field by highlighting the best security practices in the design of airport infrastructure to counter illegal interventions and security threats. The participation of international organizations and local institutions representing the key partners in the airports sector helped achieve the objectives of the workshop."

"The main objective of the workshop was to ensure runway security and safety and consequently the safety and security of passengers, crew, ground service personnel, and aircraft and airport facilities that serve civil aviation," added Al-Harrasi

"Oman Airports is seeking to promote the formation of airport runway safety teams as a means of reducing serious airport accidents by sharing ideas and expertise on current and emerging issues related to runway safety planning," elaborated the Airside Services Manager at Oman Airports.

"The three-day workshops that witnessed presentations by specialists from the PACA, the Directorate General of Meteorology, Oman Air, and Oman Airports, highlighted the importance of improving awareness on a number of safety issues. These included safe driving rules on runway, runway regulations, the corresponding guidance and warning signs, safety procedures for near-aircraft driving, as well as stand-by precautions on the work site," concluded Al-Harrasi.

It is noteworthy that Oman Airports aims to improve its ability to avoid accidents and traffic violations on the runway to protect the lives and property of all parties involved, which confirms the commitment of Oman Airports to provide the highest levels of safety at its airports.

Today, international airports look for safety and security standards to ensure the satisfaction of the passengers and airlines with their services. The safer the runways are the more airports can attract airlines.