Immigration & Issue of Visas

International visitors to Oman require valid passports (Except GCC citizens who hold valid government-issued National ID cards) and most will require a visa for the duration of their stay. Some nationalities and resident of GCC countries may avail the ‘Visa on Arrival’ facility wherever applicable.

Immigration & Issue of Visas

All international visitors to Oman (other than Gulf Cooperation Council Nationals) require visas for the duration of their stay. Immigration and visa issue is under the control of the Royal Oman Police. Passengers are requested to check with their nearest Omani embassy or with their airline for visa requirements.
To obtain a visa, all passengers must have a passport valid for more than 6 months.
For further information about visas for Oman, please click on the following link:

Royal Oman Police Visa Immigration Contact:

Passenger wishing to discuss visa and immigration issues relevant to the airport should contact the Royal Oman Police on 24353411.

Applying for a Visa on Line

Eligible passengers wishing to apply for a visa online prior to departure, should apply via the following link:

Subject to the successful application for a visa online, passengers are required to retain the reference number when travelling to Muscat . Upon arriving, they should proceed directly to one of the immigration counters and present their passport and reference number to the immigration officer.

Procedure to obtain a tourist visa on arrival

Certain nationalities are eligible to obtain a visa on arrival. Please check with your airline or Royal Oman Police if you are eligible.
Upon arrival, passengers should follow the following process:

Passengers not eligible for visa upon arrival

Passengers not eligible for a visa on arrival, will need to arrange for one prior to travelling. This can be done either through your nearest Omani embassy, , or can be arranged via a sponsor in Oman. Please ensure you plan enough time for the visa to be processed.

Obtaining a visa through a sponsor in Oman

Passengers travelling for employment, business, or joining family residing in Oman, can obtain a visa through a sponsor in Oman. The sponsor is required to obtain the visa in advance and should deposit the visa with the Visa Deposit counter which is located in the arrival hall, next to the Baggage Enquiry counter close to the canteen, at Muscat Airport.

Visa Deposit (Sponsor in Oman)

Visas obtained through a sponsor in Oman should be deposited for arriving passengers at the visa deposit office at the Arrival Hall. This should be done at least 24 hours prior to arrival. The visa deposit counter is located in the arrival meet and greet area, next to the Baggage Enquiry counter close to canteen at Muscat Airport. The visa deposit counter is open from:

Days Timing
9 AM - 1 PM
2 PM – 5 PM
8 AM - 1 PM
2 PM- 4 PM
Pre- arranged Employment Visa

Passengers entering Oman on a pre-arranged employment visa should ensure that they have a clear copy of the visa with them for presentation upon arrival. To clear immigration, passengers should follow the following procedure:
•  Passengers who have a clear copy of their visa should proceed directly to ‘Visa Collection Counter’ which is located close to the immigration counter.
•  Upon completion of iris screening and finger printing, proceed to the immigration counter where your passport will be stamped with your visa.
Passenger who do not have a copy of their employment visa, can collect the original visa deposit slip from the Visa Collection Counter in the immigration hall.

Airline advice for passengers travelling from India or Pakistan to Muscat on a new visa

For passengers travelling from Pakistan or India to Muscat on a new visa, it is necessary to receive an “OK TO BOARD” notification from the office where the ticket was issued prior to travelling. Visa requirements to obtain the “ok to board” notification are:
a) Original Visa Deposit slip
b) Photocopy of visa

GCC Arrivals

Separate immigration counters are available for residents of Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Immigration counter from number 1 to 4 can be used by GCC nationals.


Dedicated diplomatic counters are marked from counter 1 to 4.

Visa Cancellation facility

For employers requiring to cancel visas for exiting employees, there are few steps to be followed:

a) Airline Check in
Proceed to the airline check-in desk and perform the check in
b) Visa Cancellation Process
Upon completion of Check-In operation,
• Proceed to the visa cancellation Office which is located on the right hand side of the Out Of Gauge baggage Counter in the departure hall.
• The Visa Officer will process the visa cancellation.
• The passengers will then be directed to the departures section.

c) Payment of fines for expired visa (visa cancellation)

For passengers exiting the country with expired visas, it is necessary to first pay all late payment fines. These fines can be paid at the Ministry of Manpower Office at the check-in hall.