Baggage Services

Baggage Services

Trolley services

For a hassle-free travel, baggage trolleys are available for charge at convenient locations across Muscat International Airport. On departure, trolleys can be found outside the departures building and in all car parks.

For arriving passengers, trolleys can be found in the baggage reclaim area.

Porter Services

For those who like, porters are available all over Muscat International Airport with prices starting from only 1.5 OR per trolley/porter. The service further facilitates your travel experience by managing any or all of your luggage items within the airport. Our porter service is stationed and available in both departure and arrival areas.

The maximum load per trolley is three bags and a maximum weight of 32kg.

Baggage Sealing

To ensure the safety of your bags, we advise you to use the baggage sealing from Seal & Go. Sealing protects your bags from theft, damage, drug smuggling, opening, missing and bad weather. Thanks to the innovative sealing technology, “shrink sealing”, a strong layer of transparent foil is gently heated and shrunk tightly around your baggage in less than a minute.

Besides, passengers can benefit from the Seal & Trace service allowing you to trace your lost baggage through registration on the seal and trace portal and via a sticker attached to the exterior of the bag. Once registered online, the luggage is traceable in case of loss.

Seal & Go also offers a wide range of safety and travel comfort products such as high-quality locks, stroller covers, backpack covers, and luggage straps available to make your travel as comfortable as possible. With Seal & Go, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your baggage.

Seal & Go kisosk is situated in departure area C, next to the visa office. In the coming months, a second kiosk will be available at entrance B. For more information, please visit: