Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Service

Stay connected right until you have to board your flight. Muscat International Airport offers free Wi-Fi services to departing passengers at departure gates and duty free areas. To access this free service, passengers can connect using the following methods:

Passengers with Oman-registered phone numbers:

  • Select Free WiFi.
  • Provide your local Omani number.
  • Passengers will then receive an SMS providing the password to log in to the WiFi account.

Passengers with international phone numbers (registered outside Oman):

  • Present your boarding pass and passport at flight information desks located opposite to the duty free area.
  • A flight information staff member will scan your boarding pass and passport and provide you with the password for the WiFi account.
  • Access Muscat International Airport's free WiFi with the password provided to you, available for 2 hours at a time. You can re-access the Wi-Fi network by logging in again.