Connecting Passengers

International Transfers

Passengers transferring through Muscat will be directed to this area where there are transfer counters for those passengers who may not have received a boarding pass for their connecting flight at the station of origin, or for some reason may have to report to the staff here for information; for example a missed flight connection, or request for a seat change.
All transferring passengers will pass through a security screening area where your hand luggage will be scanned.  After clearing the security area, passengers have the choice to proceed to the departure gate on the level above via the centrally located lifts, stairs or escalator; alternatively, he/she may choose to enjoy the duty free shopping area which is specifically designed to cater for passengers with lengthy transfer times.

Domestic Transfers

Passengers connecting from domestic origins onto flights with an international destination will be directed to the domestic arrivals corridor to proceed to the security procedures.

Please double check with your airline at time of check in that baggage will be checked through to the final destination.