To make your Check-In as smooth as possible, please make sure you follow our instructions.

Check-in Info

To make Check-In as smooth as possible, please make sure:

◦ You reach the airport 3 hours prior to the flight departure time.
◦ You have all relevant travel documentation on hand, including appropriate visas.
◦ You comply with all security requirements and restrictions.
◦ You are not carrying restricted or prohibited items in your check in or hand baggage.
◦ Your baggage meets the size and weight restrictions as per the standards set.
◦ You have cleared all your unpaid traffic fines.

a) Check In Facilities and Counters:
◦ Check-in counters are located in the departure hall of the Passenger Terminal Building.
◦ To ensure smooth flow of the passengers, there are a total of 24 check-in counters which are open 3 hours before the Scheduled Time of Departure (STD) of the flight.
◦ Depending on flight rush hours, Airlines are assigned different check-in counters in Zone A and Zone B.

Please note that all Check-In counters close 60 minutes before the Scheduled time of Departure (STD) of the respective flight.

b) Self-Check In kiosk:
Two Self-Check-In Kiosks are located in the Departure hall. Passengers can enter their ticket details and Check-In online. A printout of the boarding pass will be provided by the machine; after which the passenger can proceed directly to the Departures area.

c) Online Check-In:
For passengers who have completed online check-in:
1) Proceed to the check-in counter if you have luggage to Check-In.
2) Passenger with only hand luggage, may proceed directly to the passport control section and then to Departures.

d) First and Business class check-in – Oman Air:
Oman Air has a dedicated First and Business class check-in counter ‘A1’ where passengers are treated on priority basis. A dedicated Oman Air Al Khareef Lounge is also accessible for use in the Departures area of the Salalah airport.

e) First and Business class check-in – Other Airlines:
When required, the First and Business class check-in counters for other airlines will be allocated next to the economy counters. The information of First and Business Check-in counter will be displayed in the allocated counter.