The safety and security of our passengers, visitors and employees is of utmost importance and is treated seriously.

Departures security screening

All departing passengers will be subject to security baggage screening. X-ray machines are in place at the entrance to the restricted departure area. Furthermore, all hold (check in) and hand baggage will be X-rayed after Check-in.
All electrical items such as laptops, mobiles phones, cameras, MP3 players, and entertainment devices may be subjected to additional screening. Please be prepared to remove your electrical items from the travel case to be X-rayed separately.
Passengers and visitors are requested to be patient while these security measures are in place and to head to the departure gates as soon as check-in is completed in order to avoid delays to your flights.

Prohibited and restricted items

There are certain items that you must not take in your carry-on baggage because they present a security risk. If you are not sure whether an item is prohibited or not, check with your airline, pack it in your checked baggage, or leave it at home. You will be required to surrender any prohibited items you are carrying before you board the flight. Airports and airlines are under no obligation to store or return surrendered items.

List of prohibited items in Hand luggage
All international flights have restrictions on items that can be carried on board in hand luggage. To ease your journey, we suggest that all sharp items are placed in your hold baggage (checked in bag) and only items of value or items required whilst onboard the aircraft are carried in your hand baggage.