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Drive-through Coronavirus PCR Test Facilities Now Available for Citizens and Residents



Drive-through Coronavirus PCR Test Facilities  
Now Available for Citizens and Residents

Oman Airports Announces Coronavirus PCR Testing Requirements for all Travelers 

Muscat – Oman: 

Oman Airports, in partnership with Supply International in collaboration with Chinese company BGI, is undertaking the final phases of setting up COVID-19 testing facilities at Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport to offer passengers the possibility to undergo a PCR test and boost early detection and containment of the virus, in accordance with the health safety protocols and measures set by the competent authorities to ensure the safety and health of passengers, cabin crews, employees, and all individuals who utilize the airports. This also comes as part of the precautionary measures that Oman Airports started taking to adapt its operations to a post-coronavirus period, as international air travel is set to open up again by early October with international and domestic flights resuming through the airports of the Sultanate.

According to the requirements set by the Ministry of Health and the Civil Aviation Authority, a mandatory PCR test at the expenses of the traveler is required when entering the Sultanate. In a statement published by Oman Airports, they said that PCR tests will have to be pre-booked on Tarassud+ mobile application. The application serves to gather all relevant passenger details and gives the users secure and easy access to pay for their PCR tests online, with the price per test set at 25 OMR. By downloading the app and registering for their test online, passengers can significantly reduce waiting time at the test facilities at the airport. 

If the tests findings are negative, passengers staying less than 7 days will continue their stay in the Sultanate normally and follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health according to the adopted medical protocols. Passengers staying more than 7 days are required to wear a wristband and follow a 14- day quarantine. If the tests are positive, the passengers will have to abide by the self-isolation restrictions.
Oman Airports indicated in its aforementioned statement that since the decision to suspend travel operations in late March, the Company has joined efforts with its strategic partners and the concerned authorities to achieve progress on implementing all precautionary measures at Muscat International Airport, which has continued its operations for exceptional flights and non-scheduled flights in accordance with the highest safety and health standards. Oman Airports is now set to return to normal operations and welcome passengers and visitors through our airports in accordance with the health safety protocols and measures to be followed by passengers arriving and departing through the Sultanate’s air borders. Oman Airports have also adapted its operations to ensure the safety and health of passengers, employees, and all individuals who utilize our airports. 

In addition, Oman Airports stated that drive-through PCR testing facilities have been installed at Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport to facilitate sample collection. Tests will have to be pre-booked via Tarassud+ app with test findings to be communicated within 24 hours through the same app. The price set for the drive-through PCR tests is OMR 19. 
In addition to enhanced COVID-19 testing, Oman Airports is also ensuring observance of preventive measures and health controls, including mandatory wearing of masks in public, installing thermal cameras to identify persons with elevated body temperature, setting up hand sanitizing and handwashing stations and applying social distancing within the terminals. 
Oman Airports concluded that the airport testing facilities at Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport will help maintain safe airport environment and stem the spread of the virus, as Oman Airports is getting ready to resume airport operations and receive scheduled flights.